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As part of our continuing support for conscious and proactive approaches to health and wellness, we are delighted to introduce Dr. Joseph Giacona of Neighborhood Natural Medicine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. He has changed my life and have never experienced true health with so little effort and expenses. He is a true healer and the most graceful, gracious and gentle doctor I have ever met. I have reffered many of my clients and friends to Dr. Giacona, and they all have expressed the same response to him and his practice.

Dr. Giacona is a Licensed Doctor of Acupuncture, meditation teacher, natural and herbal healer with expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Kinesiology, and Natural Alternative Medicine among other specialties. His resume is beyond impressive. See his overview below in his own words.

Dr. Giacona offers Acupuncture, Holistic Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutritional Healing, East Meets West Diagnostic & Treatment Methods, Herbology and Detoxification at his Williamsburg practice Neighborhood Natural Medicine and is also a practitioner at Accupuncture in New Jersey in Ramsey, NJ.

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About Dr. Joseph Giacona

Dr Joseph GiaconaI was blessed to receive life’s golden ticket – a second chance – after surviving an acute bout with Lyme disease that left me paralyzed. Following recovery from paralysis I continued to suffer from low energy, frequent colds, poor sleep, sinus issues, pain, depression, despair and hair loss. I consulted various doctors with no success, drugs weren’t working and I was terrified that I would never recover.

My journey to overcome my struggle then took quite a dramatic about-face when I discovered natural medicine. It was then I realized I had the power to heal myself. This was my paradigm shift and everything – my body, my mind, my confidence – started to genuinely transform. With the help of some extraordinary healers, many of whom would soon become my teachers on my path to becoming a doctor myself, I learned 7 critical rules that have become the crux of my philosophy at Neighborhood Natural Medicine:

1. The body, if given the ideal internal/cellular/energetic environment conducive to healing, can heal any disease that is created within the body.

2. All true healing is ultimately self-healing.

3. Do not focus on treating the disease, but on doing whatever is needed to awaken the natural self-healing mechanism within.

4. When this self-healing/self-repair mechanism is awakened, even after decades of being severely ill, miraculous recoveries are possible.

5. If given the appropriate stimulation and kept free from disease causing factors, the body is designed to always move towards health.

6. This self-healing response can be achieved using strictly natural, drug-free methods.

7. There are an infinite number of health complaints/symptoms that exist, but there are only 6-7 causes of disease.

And it is that seventh and final rule that is the foundation for our healing system at Neighborhood Natural Medicine. We focus on analyzing and then correcting the 6-7 causes of disease.

The 6-7 are:

- Checking and verifying the patient has operative detox pathways
- liver, kidney, bowel and assessing the patient for toxemia in general.
- Assessing the patient for nutritional deficiencies, such as amino acids, minerals etc.
- Analyzing the patients internal communication pathways and their chemical components, namely hormones and neurotransmitters.
- Checking pH balance.
- Verify proper cellular energy production/ATP.
- Ensuring proper metabolic function, enzyme balance and diet
- Analyzing the flow of energy through the acupuncture meridian system.

Though the unbelievable care and guidance of these healers, and through understanding the 7 vital rules and then correcting the 6-7 causes, I was able to completely heal myself – so much that I was recruited to play division 1 men’s basketball at Boston College. Using this exact same process at Neighborhood Natural Medicine we have successfully reduced and eliminated the effects of ill health, as well as its infinite number of symptomatic manifestations with a vast majority of our patients.

Becoming a holistic doctor was the last thing I ever thought I would do with my life. I am a humble member of a lineage of healers that dates back centuries. I cannot take any credit for the results we achieve at Neighborhood Natural Medicine. I know only two things: I have great faith in the body to heal itself, having experienced it myself, and the knowledge and clinical insights my teachers shared with me.

In conclusion, although I have over 10 years of formal schooling, with up 10,500 hours of both clinical training and in-class instruction, as mentioned above my true education came over the many years I spent apprenticing along side numerous of the worlds top healing masters and doctors gaining direct, hands-on experience with thousands of patients, gleaning all the essential aspects of my mentor’s techniques. These teachers, about eight to nine in total, instructed me in the healing arts of naturopathy, sujok acupuncture, acupuncture, modern homeopathy, meridian analysis, clinical nutrition, neuro-muscular rehabilitation, herbal medicine, clinical kinesiology, bio-resonance testing, detoxification to name a few. During those years I’ve estimated seeing well over a few thousand patients, in no less than 20,000 individual treatments.

Since then, we have helped thousands of people become blessed with a golden ticket – a second chance.

Some of my other certifications, trainings and qualifications include:

Attended Boston College, Columbia University, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Doctor of Acupuncture (RI), L.Ac (NY)

Apprenticed under various naturopaths and healers studying the practice of naturopathy, topics included:
- Toxemia
- Herbology
- The use glandulars
- The use enzymes
- Understanding pH
- Nutrition
- Children’s health
- Kinesiology
- Mind-body connection

Studied with Dr. SavelyYurkovsky, creator of FCT(R), a comprehensive healing system which employs the safe, effective use of a novel homeopathic system aimed at detoxing and restoring organ and tissue function.

Advanced level practitioner of Sujok Acupuncture created by Dr. Professor Park Jae Woo, receiving training from Dr. Sankar Mohanaselvan, M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), D.Ac of the Sujok Academy of Acupuncture in
Chennai, India.

Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Received over 3,500 hours (both clinical and academic), over a period of four years, of training in acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, nutrition, physiology, and pathology.

Studied Nutrition Acoustic Myography, discerning nutritional imbalances through reading an endocardiograph, under Dr. Lester Bryman. With over a half a century of clinical experience, Dr. Bryman is one of the world’s top nutritional practitioners.

Trained directly under Dr. George Gonzalez in Los Angeles, CA, creator of Gonzalez Rehabilitation Technique (GRT), new and extremely effective method for the rehabilitation of nervous system disorders and nerve damage.

Skilled practitioner of Nutrition Response Testing and Clinical Nutrition, training with Dr. Freddie Ulan and Dr. Lori Puskar.

Trained directly under Dr. Stephan Kaufman in Denver, CO. He is truly one of the most remarkable healers on the planet.

Received certification from The Institute for Classical Asian Studies Certified advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine Pathophysiology, modeled on the collegiate training programs in Asia.

Topics included:
- The relationship between basic physiology & the development of disease.
- The gradations of severity in Traditional Chinese Medicine pathology.
- How to treat each level of pathological development & predict progress.
- Understanding the functions of living organic process in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Received certification from The Institute for Classical Asian Studies level 1 Medical Qi Gong Training, as well as the Advanced 36 Acupuncture Needle Techniques.

Attended Dr. Eugene Charles Applied Kinesiology Certification Course in Manhattan, NY certified through The International College of Applied Kinesiology and became proficient in advanced techniques in the treatment of:
-Trigger points
-Piriformis syndrome
-Hip, knee, ankle, foot disorders
-Complex acupuncture / meridian imbalances
-Elbow, wrist, hand disorders (carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, etc.)
-Functional endocrine imbalances (ie. PMS, infertility, dysglycemia,
allergies, etc.)

Studied nutrition with Dr. Michael Dobbins, D.C, topics included:
-Natural Alternatives for the Mayo Clinic: Top 10 Health threats for men & Women
-Breakthrough nutritional insights and products of Dr. Royal Lee – Natural versus “Synthetic” supplements
-The Theory of Protomorphology as developed by Dr. Royal Lee
-Integrating Herbal formulations with Whole Food Concentrates

Studied macrobiotic nutrition with MichioKushi and helped with the set up of the History of Macrobiotics Installation at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History Washington, DC, when it archived documents and artifacts related to the macrobiotic work in the Kushi Family Collection.

Trained as a hospice volunteer at Continuum Hospice, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York NY. In a hospice setting volunteers offer support to the dying and their family members through compassionate listening, spiritual discussion, art therapy and relaxation techniques such as meditation and light touch.

Studied ‘Worsley Style Acupuncture’ with Lonny Jarrett, author of The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, learning the inner functions of acupuncture points, herbal formulas and acupuncture point combinations.

Studied basic qi gong forms, breath control and posture with Nan Lu, O.M.D., author of a number of books on traditional Chinese medicine.

Worked as an acupuncturist and meditation teacher at St. Vincent’s Cancer Care Center in NYC.

And I was also a volunteer for the Alvin and Alfreda Williams Sr. Foundation, a foundation that raises money for Autism research and awareness.

Every year I engage in a two-week meditation retreat in the Lake District of Northern England. I have also engaged in meditation retreats in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, France, Germany, Greece, California, Portugal, Canada and upstate New York.

I have assisted in establishing meditation centers in Riverdale, NY; Brooklyn and Greenpoint NY; Jersey City and Hoboken NJ and Greenwich Village NYC. I am in my twelfth year of study on the Teacher Training Program at the Kadampa Meditation Center in NYC, where I am the long-time student of the world-renowned meditation Masters Geshe KelsangGyatso, author of Transform Your Life, as well as Kadam Morten Clausen, resident meditation teacher at the Kadampa Meditation Center at 127 W. 24th St. I teach weekly meditation classes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you are ever in area please drop-in. For more information please visit:

Thanks for reading! And thank you for your support in our efforts to truly be a neighborhood health and wellness resource – a place where the local community can find natural, affordable, effective, reliable, safe, drug-free medical care.

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