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Introducing Breastlight 
For early Detection of Breast Cancer

Award Winning Early Breast Cancer
Detection Technology for Home Use.

Please share this information with your doctors. I am trying to bring attention to doctors in all areas of medicine about this latest medical device, which enhances a breast self- examination.

While researching techniques for early detection of breast cancer, I stumbled on a new technology from the UK, which is not available in the U.S. today. The device is called Breastlight.  After speaking directly with the UK Company, the only way that I was able to arrange it to make it accessible in the U.S. was directly through our website.

This is an early detection device that you can use at home to detect breast abnormalities – a Class 1 medical device that easily makes it it possible for a woman to see through her breasts by using safe infrared light. Breastlight is a tool that helps in the battle to beat breast cancer. Breastlight is not a substitute for a mammogram, and should be used with other screening techniques. However, this new tool can help a woman identify potential abnormalities years before a mammograms can.

Using the Breastlight can take some of the guessing out of what one feels when doing the traditional self breast exam. For breast cancer survivors, in particular, they can monitor themselves personally and see a doctor immediately should they see something suspicious -- instead of only being anxious about a relapse. Because you can see the abnormalities in your breasts, this technique is superior the palpation method. This is also excellent for anyone that has implants. 

This is another way for women to be more in control of their bodies for prevention of breast cancer. With respect, even the best oncologist may not know anything about this new award winning technology. I am literally the first person introducing this in the United States.

I was recently interviewed by a journalist from Columbia University for a report on Breast Cancer and Alternative treatements. I was able to introduce the Breastlight device to this journalist, and I hope that word begins to spread that this is a very useful, early detection devise.

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Helping you feel more confident about your breast health

Breastlight is a product that allows you to see inside your breasts. It works by shining a powerful light through the breast tissue.

It is completely safe and easy to use.

Over 80% of women have told us they feel more confident when using Breastlight as part of their breast awareness routine.

Earlier detection is the key to better patient outcomes.

Breastlight is a tool that in conjunction with other breast awareness techniques such as palpation and alongside screening can help in the battle to beat breast cancer

What is Breastlight?

Breastlight is a new breast health product for women. It’s been designed for use as part of your regular breast awareness routine but gives you a new view of your breasts.

Breastlight works by shining a bright red light through your breast tissue. The light, which is perfectly harmless, highlights the blood vessels which normally show up as dark lines (see photo). If you see a dark spot or shadow, however, this might suggest an abnormality which should be checked out with your doctor.

Breastlight can be used by women of all ages and particularly by menopausal or post-menopausal women where the density of the breast has changed. By using Breastlight regularly at home, you will become familiar with the normal pattern of blood vessels in your breast and learn what your breasts look like when lit by your Breastlight. This should make you feel more confident about your breast health. You can use Breastlight as often as you like with no side effects.

Breastlight is a Class 1 medical device.

Enlightened breast awareness

Use Breastlight as part of your normal breast awareness routine at home.

Breastlight is not a substitute for the routine breast screening you receive if you are aged 50 or over – we’d strongly advise you to take advantage of the chance to have a mammogram.

If you notice any changes in your breasts you should ask your doctor about them as soon as possible. They will probably be harmless but your doctor will be able to reassure you.

How does Breastlight work?

  • It is used in a darkened room and held tightly to the skin
  • The transmission of the red light illuminates the breast and
    allows the woman to see some detail inside the breast
  • The red light is absorbed by any blood present:
    • In the normal blood supply vessels
    • where an abnormality has caused a concentration of vessels or an aggregation of blood (e.g. a blood filled cyst, abscess or haematoma)
  • The red light passes through normal tissue, non blood filled cysts and breast implants

Professional Feedback

“Using Breastlight may increase confidence in women’s own breast assessment and their ability to communicate with their own doctors.”

— Dr Sarah Burnett, Consultant Radiologist and
former breast cancer patient

“It’s about knowing your body well and Breastlight enables you to see that one stage further”

— Lieva Nation, Specialist Breast Nurse

“Everyone has been affected by this disease. We know that the earlier it’s detected the better. Something like Breastlight that will help identify a problem earlier, is just wonderful.

— Fawn Leith, Family Nurse

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