Juliet Portrait

A Message from Juliet Stewart:

“Each woman is beautiful because of who she becomes with time…”

It is our goal to provide you with expert services that will allow you to convey your own elegance and sophistication that make-up should provide. Each client who enters the studio will be presented with a personalized service in a private, comfortable and non-intimidating setting.

Our clients never leave with ‘buyer’s remorse’.  We have no interest in pressuring you to purchase products used in any of our services. We are not about selling products, instead, we focus on addressing your concerns regarding skin-care regimens, make-up application and fulfilling your desires to bring forth your very best look. Our products are available should you wish to purchase them or you may simply choose to replicate the look with products from your favorite cosmetic company.

Juliet approaches each customer with a sense of compassion and a strong desire for every woman to achieve her highest level of beauty and well-being.

With her expert advice, you will be guided on best practices of skin care and make-up application. You will be introduced to as opposed to ‘being sold’ high-end and very effective products that are handpicked by Juliet herself. The products and techniques employed by Juliet are not subject to the latest trends or celebrity endorsements; but instead are chosen because of their highest quality ingredients and above average effectiveness.

Each product Juliet uses, are secret gems within the beauty industry and she presents these gems to you to discover for yourself. Each product has been thoroughly tested to deliver amazing results.

Juliet spends much of her time researching and talking with doctors all over the United States about alternative health care practices that address many health concerns women have today. Juliet wants every woman to look her very best in spite of what she may be facing in the world. You will have complete confidence with your new signature look, yet still feel and look like yourself.  These services are about you, not about us or the products - Opening the door to self-expression is the real art of make-up artistry.

We look forward to providing you with excellent service.