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In addition to managing her retail and make-up studio in Nyack, New York, Juliet is an advocate for the idea that women need to accept themselves and to be proactive with their health to benefit and improve not only the way they look, but more importantly, how they feel.

Both the “beauty industry” and the “health industry” frequently misrepresent information critical to women’s well-being in order to meet their primary goal: selling products through the media. Trends are not for everyone.

Here is part of the message. Women need to stop buying products in an endless attempt to stop the clock. It is wrong that women feel they become invisible to the world just because they have reached a certain age that they think is “old.” A woman of any age is beautiful because of who she becomes with time - Women must embrace time to own their individuality. What makes women of all ages beautiful and sexy is their self-assurance. The place to start is in the mind.

Juliet is dedicated to educating women by using her expertise in skincare, make-up artistry and health-care alternatives. In her studio consultations, Juliet creates for each woman personal advice and insights that inspire… and work. In Juliet's work and research I have sought out the best advice on Health Advocacy. Innovative new wellness and diagnostic technologies such as Body Solution Systems and Breastlight. Groundbreaking comapssioonate providers such as the Askikari Breast Center.

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Health Advocate

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As part of our continuing support for womens health issues, we’ve brought health advocate Louise Becker to Juliet Stewart. Cancer is one of the overwhelming health issues of our age, affecting every race, creed and income level. There are few things more devastating in life than a cancer diagnosis. Our webmaster has proclaimed his antipathy for the impact cancer has had on his life, “this is a disease that kills the person first, then the body.” So along with our support for the Ashikari Breast Center, we offer Louise’s insightful articles.

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Introducing Breastlight 
For early Detection of Breast Cancer

BreastLight Unit

Award Winning Early Breast Cancer Detection Technology for Home Use.

While researching techniques for early detection of breast cancer, Juliet stumbled on a new technology from the UK, which was not available in the U.S. —  untill now. The device is called Breastlight.  After speaking directly with the UK Company, the only way that I was able to arrange it to make it accessible in the U.S. was directly through our website.

This is an early detection device that you can use at home to detect breast abnormalities – a Class 1 medical device that easily makes it it possible for a woman to see through her breasts by using safe infrared light. Breastlight is a tool that helps in the battle to beat breast cancer. Breastlight is not a substitute for a mammogram, and should be used with other screening techniques. However, this new tool can help a woman identify potential abnormalities years before a mammograms can.

Using the Breastlight can take some of the guessing out of what one feels when doing the traditional self breast exam. For breast cancer survivors, in particular, they can monitor themselves personally and see a doctor immediately should they see something suspicious -- instead of only being anxious about a relapse. Because you can see the abnormalities in your breasts, this technique is superior the palpation method. This is also excellent for anyone that has implants. 

This is another way for women to be more in control of their bodies for prevention of breast cancer. With respect, even the best oncologist may not know anything about this new award winning technology. Juliet is the first to introduce this product in the United States.

Find out more about Breastlight.

Ashikari Breast Center

The Ashikari Medical Team - Formal Portrait
The Ashikari Medical Team. Roy Ashikari, MD., Andrew Ashikari, MD., Pond Kelemen, MD.

If you are experiencing cancer, whether you are already seeing a doctor or not, I urge you to investigate the Ashikari Breast Center, and if you know someone that is at risk of cancer, you will be doing a very kind act to that person by telling them about the Ashikari Breast Center.

Each of these doctors, Dr.Roy Ashikari, Dr. Andrew Ashikari and Dr. Pond Kelemen are exceptionally talented surgeons. All of us have had the experience of dealing with doctors who may be very proficient at what they do as doctors, but who are clinical and unapproachable. That is not how these doctors practice medicine. In my experience, the Ashikari father and son team, and their partner Dr. Kelemen understand the incredible emotional issues that accompany every woman’s encounter with cancer. As they go about their professional work, they are clearly compassionate and caring about what is going on in a woman’s heart. Their compassion is understated and unavoidable.

I feel that all women need to know that this Center exists and they need to know that they do have choices for their care as cancer patients, other than the traditional and frequently drastic ways of treating this illness. If you are experiencing cancer, whether you are already seeing a doctor or not, I urge you to investigate the Ashikari Breast Center, and if you know someone that is at risk of cancer, you will be doing a very kind act to that person by telling them about the Ashikari Breast Center.

Find out more about the Ashikari Breast Center.

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