— “Juliet, is simply beautiful and one of the loveliest perfumes that I’ve had the pleasure to wear in a long time. It’s as lush as fingers dipped in melted chocolate or honey infused cream. My husband adores it and says that he finds it erotic yet ladylike. I would have to agree with him, because Juliet is as at home with my pearls as it is with my nakedness. It’s the perfume equivalent of gorgeous garters worn under a business suit and it makes me smile every time I notice it.” — Beth Schreibman Gehring, Fragrance Review

MAKEUPALLEY Blog - Talking about Juliet Perfume!!

This is a soft clean, no soap, kissed by sparkling citrus, with a hint of sweetness, swirling with faint jasmine, vanilla. The amber and woods in this velvety… buying a bottle of Juliet as I type!! Thanks melissajane!! Julliet by Juliet Stewart a most unique scent! Upon first spritz… instant LOVE… — DebbieB43

Juliet by Juliet Stewart, like a cashmere hug — Melissajane1

Can't resist these glowing reviews. Just ordered a sample of Juliet. — everscents

Glad you all like (love?) Juliet. My Holy Grail, it has to be in my world. — Melissajane1

Glad I wasn't alone with the love at 1st sniff! Glad you like Juliet, too. Enjoy! — pslady

I also fell in love with Juliet with the first spritz! LOVE LOVE LOVE! — helena2

Juliet by Juliet Stewart is the only perfume I've ever finished a bottle of. — Melissajane1

Lyric, Juliet Stewart. — sinsitylola

Yeah… like the way I look like JULIET STEWART when I spritz that, right?? :) — Melissajane1

When I tried Juliet by Juliet Stewart for the first time. If I were monogamous, it would be this — Melissajane1

I just had the great pleasure of speaking to Juliet Stewart on the phone. She is SUCH a genuine, & down-to-earth, positive individual. I think some of that positive energy got channeled into her perfume and that's why her perfume is such a beauty! — helena2

Yay! I think I'm going to start a Juliet Fan Club!) — Melissajane1

Anyone tried Juliet by Juliet Stewart? It's really a beautiful womanly perfume. — mocards

MakeupAlley Blog (Registration required)

“What can I say ... you are amazing! I just stopped by to say a long over due hello and finally introduce you to my newest baby... and well ..you gave me your time and hope. Thank you with all my heart!! Will let you know how things progress. Have a very Joyous Holiday season!”

— Brigid

“I entered Juliet’s elegant boutique with curiosity and left with more knowledge on skincare, make-up and overall wellness than I thought possible from one place and one women. As an artist, she expertly helped me create a natural “look” I’ve been trying for years to achieve. As a caring (but very smart) business woman, she delivered her services in the most customer-focused manner I have ever experienced.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

— Salina Le Bris

“I’ve been waiting for sometime to re-order the Juliet Stewart Perfume. Have used it for about 2-3 years and love it. Please let me know when it will be available. I’m almost out! Thank you.”

— Linda - AZ

“Dear Juliet,
I am enclosing the gift certificate that I forgot to bring to the appointment. We do have to keep things kosher, right? Also, I need to tell you how I love the look and hopefully I can do it justice. I need to keep you happy, right? I enjoyed your company and find your salon perfect. I wish you continued good luck and success. You haven’t heard the last of me yet - hopefully I’ll see you soon.”

Fondly, Mariam

“I received the package and wanted to thank you, it is very lovely. I am wearing the Juliet now and it is a very beautiful scent. Thank you.”


“Having had facials all over the world, I can absolutely say this is the best experience I’ve ever had. A beautiful room to relax in, gentle and aromatic treatments with hand massage and reflexology! Simply divine. Truly an hour of heaven without constant chitter-chatter nor the usual, harassing product sales pitch for which I’d braced myself the first time there. Who can possibly relax and enjoy the treatment with pressure to buy something? Right away I knew I would be return and have done so several times over recent years. Each appointment held the same high standard and was as welcoming, enjoyable and pleasant as I’d remembered.

Juliet has mastered the perfect balance of sincerely friendly, first-class service and European elegance and charm.

I look forward to the next time I’m in New York as her store will be my first stop!”

—Sabine Martens
Southern California

“I really loved my experience and I was able to simplify my look for school. I actually got to use the look you showed me for an opera I went to with my friends. I got a lot of compliments and my skin is feeling a lot smoother from the products. I ran out of my cream but my skin still looks really good and the products are really gentle and they smell good! So I just wanted to say thank you.”

— Alessandra G

“When I first came to Juliet Stewart, my skin was in very bad condition. It was dried out and oily at the same time, and I had some acne. I started using Juliet's products and getting monthly facials from Vlatka and after only a small period of time I started seeing great improvements. My skin has cleared up so much and I always look forward to my facials. They allow me to relax and take time out just to think. Vlatka is incredibly gentle and each time I leave after a facial, my skin feels fresh and clean.”

— Alex

“Juliet is right up my alley. like fragrances that have a combination of citrus and herbs, particularly basil, and I am particularly drawn to woody vanilla and amber scents. Juliet is all of the above. It starts out bright and sunny, then ends up cozy. And it’s a fragrance that both men and women can wear equally well – it smells yummy on my husband too.”

— Kathy
a Minx by any other name...

“Juliet, I want to share a lovely story with you and your fans. As you know, Juliet edp is my "Holy Grail" perfume, the lovliest scent I've found in my search for The Perfect Fragrance. Just before leaving for college, my daughter asked if she could try my Juliet. Without wanting to push her too much, I agreed, nonchale...ntly watching, hoping she'd love it. She did! She loved it so much that she made it her own and brought it with her to college! This was a mother-daughter bonding moment for me: now when I apply my Juliet each day, I love to think that my daughter is sharing the scent with me and I have her nearby, sharing our Juliet! ”

— Melissa Groben

“Hi Juliet,

“I just wanted to thank you for your incredible expertise. The make up consultation you did for me was so helpful; I never would have chosen the colors you did. I have spent so much money and time over the years searching for make up that looks natural on my skin. The colors, the tones, and the consistency of the products you chose were perfect for me. The foundation covers imperfections yet at the same time my natural skin shows through. I have spent my whole life in the pinks only to learn, thanks to you, that I look much better in the peaches!

“My visit to your studio and shop was such a pleasant one, the atmosphere is beautiful, the energy serene and most importantly, you and your assistant Alessandra are so lovely, supportive and wonderful it is a pleasure to be there. Thank you again.”

— Jeanne

“Juliet- You are a genius. The colors that you mixed together for me are perfect. It is amazing how the exact right makeup can make you look so much better. It looks like your real skin-so natural and beautiful. My very best wishes to you. You have helped me look better in so many ways. There is little that I miss about Rockland county-but I do miss you.”

— Lillian

“Dear Juliet,

I want to thank you and Vladka and Alessandra for three superb experiences in your lovely studio. As you no doubt ascertained, I am not the type of woman who spends inordinate amounts of time in front of the mirror. I did feel now that I am approaching 60 years old that it was time to take matters in hand and get some expert guidance on how to care for my mature skin and how to enhance the beauty I was given but which has faded a bit over the years.

You all made me feel so comfortable and welcome and pretty and I love all of my new products. You can be sure that I will talk about you and the studio and the wonderful time I had with you all to my friends. I will be coming by regularly to get my eyebrows tweezed and not so regularly but regular enough, to get one of Vlodka's blissful facials.

Have a wonderful weekend.”


— Madalasa

“I passed by your business during the weekend and saw the samples of your new fragrance. I just tried it yesterday and I wanted to complement you. It has personality, memory, sensuality, confidence and its subtlety firm. It makes a statement and an expression, its artistic. The scent is all of those things to me. I wanted to say thank you for bringing back womanhood.”

— Elizabeth

“I first read about the Juliet perfume in Oprah magazine, thought I would order a sample and try it. I liked it very much so am going to make Juliet my new perfume.”

— Anne

“Just a note to thank you for such wonderful service & speedy delivery! The Eau De Parfume arrived today & it's even more beautiful than the Eau De Toilette. And much longer lasting!

Juliet was simply love at first sniff for me. It seems like I've been waiting for a fragrance like this all my life. It is light & airy, with a depth of magical & unique sensuality. It makes me feel good about myself, no small feat these days! Thank you so much for sharing something so personal with us. Juliet, I will always remember your kindness & patience with me, a stranger who you seemed to know so well. You embody your motto. I will always wear this fragrance & be reminded of you & the better person I can become. I will keep in touch, if you don't mind.

Continued success & hugs from VA,”

— Karen

“If I had to pick one word to describe the results of working with Juliet it would be... “FREEDOM.” I no longer waste time and money at the makeup counters in department stores or pore endlessly over the “trends” in magazines (how many people does coral lipstick really look good on?). Juliet has given me the tools to create a clean, classic look everyday of the week. Whether I am running errands, going to work or having an evening out my makeup is perfection. Her skin care team is amazing. The facials at Juliet’s are sinfully relaxing and you feel pampered from the minute you lay down. The products used during the service are top quality yet incredibly affordable and less than any Manhattan salon – strangers stop me to compliment my skin. In addition, Juliet is the only person who I have allowed to touch my eyebrows in 3 years – no-one was able to get it right – Juliet did.”

“In short, Juliet and her staff (Alessandra and Vlatka) are not only knowledgeable in their fields but they are down to earth, warm people (and they are exceptionally sweet with my seven year old daughter). I consider myself lucky to have found them!”

— Joan Mourikis

"Every time I look at my wedding photos, I tear-up because I can’t believe how beautiful I looked. You are a wonderful artist and even more a friend. Thank you for making me, my mother and my wedding party unforgettable. I will come by to visit in the next few weeks. Lots of love to you!

P.S. My husband loved his “make-up” too!"

Thank You, Alessandra

"I entered Juliet’s elegant boutique with curiosity and left with more knowledge on skincare, make-up and overall wellness than I thought possible from one place and one women. As an artist, she expertly helped me create a natural “look” I’ve been trying for years to achieve. As a caring (but very smart) business woman, she delivered her services in the most customer-focused manner I have ever experienced."

— Salina Le Bris

Dear Juliet and Staff,

Many many thanks to you. You brought me real delight and helped make my day. I want you all to know how special you made me feel. It gave my spirits quite a lift. It was wonderful meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again. I will stop by and say hello to everyone next time I’m in Nyack. Thank you so much for your kindness.

— Abby

From: Suzie E
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 18:15:31 -0700 (PDT)
To: Juliet Stewart


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience in your salon! I did not expect to be taught so much in such a professional setting. AND then have the added bonus of a much younger look was more than I could ask for!

The products have been so amazing! I can't wait to wake up in the morning to see my skin. Every day I can see a difference. And learning how to apply makeup to soften the "laugh lines" has been so fun, especially as I approach 60. I am happy in my own "skin" again and have you to thank. You help women, no matter what our age, find the beauty that is within us already. Then you give us the confidence to look at our individual beauty and be happy with it. These are gems to be passed on to our daughters and granddaughters.

I wish you much success and happiness as you continue on your journey of making all women you "touch" feel as beautiful as possible. Thank you again very sincerely.

I look forward to seeing you again on my next visit to Nyack.

— Suzie E

her new york logo

Dear Juliet:

I can't begin to express how wonderful it was meeting you! I want to thank you so much for participating in our Cocktails & Conversations at Forth & Towne. Your presentation made the evening truly unforgettable. Each guest that I've spoken with since the event has commented on how your presentation has moved them to re-examine how they view themselves.

I am looking forward to working with you again. I would love to sit down with you in the near future to discuss how we can link our energies to enrich the lives of women.

— Julie M. Murray
Creative Director
Her New York


Hope this note finds you well. Thank you again for preparing my guest and I for our Television interview. You made us both look beautiful. Even the cameramen were impressed!

Everyone who sees the new photo of me loves it and asks about who did the make-up and the photography. Bravo, I'm giving you all the credit.

Juliet, you are a master at bringing out the beauty that is already there. Your make-up is always elegant and natural.

Be well,


— Nancy Rosanoff, Ph,D
Putting Intuitive Intelligence to Work

I must say I was brought into Juliet's store by her warm and beautiful smile. It literally brought me through her door and in to talk with her. I don't even wear makeup but something about the store and Juliet's presence was so inviting (even through the window!). At the end of our conversation she invited me to take part in a modeling experience for her book of makeup styles and to further my knowledge of how to apply makeup and why I even would in the first place.

Throughout this wonderful and fun experience, Juliet explained to me, through both actions and words, that makeup should be applied according to the person and where their specific beauty lies. For Juliet it was my lips. I had never really given much thought to them but apparently my full lips are a trait I should be very happy about. Juliet does not seek to mask your "imperfections" but heighten and bring the eye to what she thinks is glorious about your face. In this same vein Juliet is not heavy with her application of makeup but just right. She has a true talent and it is obvious that it gives her much joy to allow a woman to see the beauty in herself that Juliet can spot immediately. As I looked in the mirror I could see my beautiful lips and the striking color of my hazel eyes that most people mistake for brown.

Juliet had chosen the perfect shades of color to bring out the beauty I already had. I thank her for that experience and her gift of allowing me to acknowledge my beauty in an unfortunate time when many women do not.

— Rebecca Silver

Dear Juliet,

Forgive me for taking so long to write to thank you for all you did to make Amy's wedding a success.

From the moment you arrived with your calm demeanor, warmth, excitement at sharing with us, soft voice, perfect music and, of course, your artistry, a wonderful tone was set! Your ability to make everyone feel comfortable and special is extraordinary especially when you consider that our wedding party ranged from little children to a frail, elderly, but very excited, 88 year old grandmother. My sister-in-law, nieces, Amy and I have all had our make-up applied professionally before. We all agreed though, that not one of us had ever looked so good and people are still telling me, months later, how beautiful we were.

Amy and I agree that asking you to be with us for the entire day was a great decision. The touch-ups you did were discreet, not at all intrusive and, actually, fun as they made us feel like stars! Additionally, after the wedding, Amy shared with me that you were the one who kept her settled when nerves might have set in during the day.

I also must thank you for being the only one to remember that Amy's train needed handling just before and after the ceremony. Her brother, as "maid of honor" wasn't going to know what to do, wasn't coached by us, and couldn't have handled ft as delicately and unobtrusively as you did.

Again, Juliet, thank you for enhancing what was a memorable day for us and forgive me for taking so long to express our profound thanks.

Most sincerely,

— Susan Brown

Dear Juliet,

I would just like to take a moment to once again thank you for such a wonderful day on Satturday. Madeline and I think you are totally amazing. We learned so much from you. Now all we need to do is master the art on ourselves.

You are such on inspiration to me and Just being around you gives me such a sense of exuberation. I really mean that. You are a such beautiful person, inside and out. In my opinion, your talent, knowledge and skills are beyond the norm. I am truly so happy that I was fortunate enough to have met you. I feel that our paths have crossed for a reason.

I am looking forward to setting up another appointment with you on learning how to apply my makeup to myself.

Thank you again for EVERYTHING!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! :)

With warmest regards,


— Anna Lisa McKeon


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Everyone had a blast & looks fabulous. I appreciate all your efforts in working through a very difficult schedule.Your gentle, knowledgeable approach was perfect for this group.


Hi Juliette/Dorothy

Thanks again for a delightful day last Thursday. My cousin Alice and I thoroughly enjoyed your lovely shop and all your expertise with cosmetics and beauty secrets. I hear Mary Beth O'Malley was in on Friday and had a rewarding session with you. Thanks for everything. I am going to call my hairdresser right now and let her know my experience with you although perhaps you have already contacted her. I wanted to know my skin color. Sounds like a pathetic question but more than once you told me my complexion was pink and WHAT?? Please let me know when you get a chance. Thanks for everything. I have also mentioned you to Angela and Nick Guerra [...Edited for privacy]


— Pat Seith

Angela Reyes

Sometimes fate steps in and things fit together perfectly. I originally met Juliet when my fiancé and I were looking around for towns to move to after we got married. I immediately fell in love her store and, as most women are, was completely envious of her classic style. This was the woman I needed to do my make-up. However, I talked myself out of it because according to the budget I made using a popular website, make-up was something I should do for free at a department store counter or for a very, very low cost.

I continued the search, going to countless counters and meeting with make-up artists working at salons. Every time I went, I would try to convince myself that the work was great and that I felt wonderful. In the end, I knew I was in trouble -- I wasn’t truly comfortable.

Thank God my fiancé finally told me to do what I needed to do to be confident on the day (I did whine quite a bit). I immediately booked Juliet and breathed a big sigh of relief.

Juliet is a true professional, my make-up was perfect and flawless. I received compliment after compliment on not my dress but my face. Juliet created a look that allowed all of the joy and happiness I felt inside to be visible on the outside. Throughout the day and until I danced the last dance at our reception, my make-up was perfect. Juliet is worth her weight in gold.

— Angela Reyes

Dear Juliet,

Wow, what a transformation. I woke up the ugly duckling and after my visit to see you I felt beautiful, confident and well just fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you,

— Kelly

Rose Wasser

"It was the first of many unforgettable afternoons at Juliet's of warm conversation and soulful nurturing of my feminine soul. She is a pioneer in the quest for truth about authentic beauty."

I recently ventured into Juliet Stewart's studio in the stylish river town of Nyack, NY. As I walked through the quaint shop door, the space Juliet artfully created captivated my senses and immediately began to re-energize my weary spirit. Statuesque, unpretentious, and ethereally familiar and soulful spirited, Juliet welcomely warmed me with a tender smile and graceful nature into her world. I felt welcomed and enlivened by the pleasing and timeless images of beauty everywhere as she spoke gently to my entire being. ... [ more ]

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— Rose Wasser