Make-up Galleries

Professional Make-Up Artistry

No two faces are alike. Each make-up application is designed to bring out each face's individual uniqueness and beauty, expertly tuned to the individual setting of the occasion.

Project “YOU” Gallery

“Where you have come to be today is your history and no one else’s. Capture it and treasure it… you will be surprised what you will discover about yourself.” - Juliet Stewart.

Pro Fashion Shoot

During her modeling career, Juliet was already developing accomplished make-up skills, doing her own make-up for her photo shoots, as shown in this elegant black and white set.

Wedding & Event Make-Up

Specialty make-up applications designed to bring out your individual uniqueness and beauty, expertly tuned to setting and occasion for your most special day or unique event.

Then & Now Gallery

This series of professionally shot photos reveals Juliet's unmatched expertise at creating stunning, clean and elegant looks, yet preserving and enhancing the individual beauty, uniqueness and personality of each face.

Eyebrow Shaping: Before & After

In boutique shots of clients before and after Juliet's expert eyebow shaping.