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Beauty Fashion, Jul7 2009, Sniffapalooza

Juliet and MEG-21 were featured in the June 22, 2009 Edition of The Journal News, Life & Style Section.

Flawless look starts with skin

Expert Juliet Stewart shares tips for putting your best face forward.

To achieve a flawless face, focus less on your makeup and more on your skin.

That’s the mantra of Italian makeup artist Juliet Stewart, the owner of Juliet Stewart Makeup Boutique & Studio in Nyack. We sat down with Stewart recently to talk about skin care, as part of our ongoing “experts” series, in which we ask local professionals to share a few tips from their areas of expertise.

Stewart says “your makeup simply won’t apply well, or look natural unless you take care of what lies beneath. What constitutes the basics of skin care?...”

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