Testimonials-Rose Wasser

“It was the first of many unforgettable afternoons at Juliet's of warm conversation and soulful nurturing of my feminine soul. She is a pioneer in the quest for truth about authentic beauty.”

“I recently ventured into Juliet Stewart's studio in the stylish river town of Nyack, NY. As I walked through the quaint shop door, the space Juliet artfully created captivated my senses and immediately began to re-energize my weary spirit. Statuesque, unpretentious, and ethereally familiar and soulful spirited, Juliet welcomely warmed me with a tender smile and graceful nature into her world. I felt welcomed and enlivened by the pleasing and timeless images of beauty everywhere as she spoke gently to my entire being.

“I observed the elegance that is understated yet strongly present at Juliet's studio. Commercial images that do little to nurture female spirit could not and will not be found here! As I listened to Juliet's nurturing wisdom, she shared that status quo beauty concepts that claim to capture and retain youth are fraudulent and futile and with conviction stated that, "that is not what the true journey of life is about. It's harmful to your spirit."

“As she nurtured my spirit and gently shifted my perceptions so positively, my eyes grew bright. From the antique glass cabinets brimming with exotic products to the sparkling crystal accents and soft pearls adorning sheer fabrics and radiant accents of color and texture, I felt as if I'd entered a light-filled realm, so naturally pleasing to my thirsty feminine soul. My perception was altered from what I thought in my practical and time centered vision, would be a brief lesson in make-up application and assistance in weeding through some of the seemingly outdated cosmetics I've come to rely upon for a long time and instead, my visit evolved into a transformation of my hidden desires to feel accepted and worthy to be myself fully. Juliet coached me to experience beauty as inner and outer expression of a joyous life which according to Juliet, "creates the natural radiance of life force that cannot be bought." If was an awakening that enlivened my soul as light began to sparkle again in my eyes.

“As Juliet introduced me further to her philosophy of beauty, I realized why she is so special. She intuitively sees within each women's uniqueness while pure spirit guides her to gently awaken with truth, the beauty within each client. I came to know a friend I could trust and who walks beyond the boundaries of the status quo. With deeply intuitive knowing and worldly wisdom, Juliet Stewart is here to assist her clients to free the feminine soul so ready to be released from the confines of our growth obsessed culture.

“Juliet did peer through my cosmetics, and to my surprise, nothing needed to be weeded out! Creative applications and artful techniques were shown expressively individualized techniques thrilled my senses as did the introduction of some delightful organic products that quenched my skin (and did not take advantage of my wallet!) nurtured me. My afternoon at Juliet's studio began to transform and heal my wounded feminine soul of the stereotyped "cost to age" defined radically commercially and too easily accepted into the hearts and minds of women. Each time I revisit Juliet Stewart, I come more in touch with the Divinely feminine truth that beauty is not defined by age and that cosmetics and skin care are items that enhance the beauty that already exists in every women at any age.

“Thank you Juliet!”

— Rose Wasser

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